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Globally, human population and resulting influences are growing at an unprecedented rate and so are the environmental problems. As a result of which, life support systems are believed to have advanced towards the critical threshold. However, much of the population remains either unaware of the issues or show reluctance in absence of sufficient evidence. This scenario has degraded the environmental quality and thus the quality of life. Understanding the complexity of environmental problems and stakeholders’ concern through multidisciplinary approaches are essential to maintain environmental quality. It is, thus a prime time to think and work on actions from local to global scales to secure sustainable living.

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Foundation for sustainable progress

Read an article from our member, Sanjila Neupane which was published in national daily newspaper “The Kathmandu Post” on 25th February 2020 about sustainability. The article highlights the existing scenario of Environmental Assessments in the form of Initial Environmental Examination for hydropower projects in Nepal along with the conservation challenges seen in the context of […]

Linking Environmental Design and Policy

ENPROSC’s member Sanjila Neupane has been working on addressing issues of environmental design for development projects such as hydropower projects in Nepal. Neupane’s research focuses the environmental components and their monitoring through remote sensing in the context of developing countries. Her current work is directed towards identifying the gaps within national policy structures and design […]

Research Grant Awarded to ENPROSC Member

ENPROSC congratulates its team member, Mr. Pramananda Rajbanshi, to have been awarded with grant provided by British Herpetological Society (BHS) for his research on Indotestudo elongata. Mr. Rajbanshi’s Grant could be very beneficial to herpetofauna conservation in Nepal which has not been highly prioritized. ENPROSC has been a project partner with Mr. Rajbanshi and provides […]

The endangered red panda in Himalayas: Potential distribution and ecological habitat associates

Read a scientific publication highlighting distribution and habitat of endangered species “Red Panda”. The publication comes as a result form the efforts put forward by a diverse international team in which our member Mr. Prakash Chandra Aryal provided his contributions. The research published in Elsevier’s “Global Ecology and Conservation” which was made available online on […]

Turtle Survey in Chure Region of Nepal

ENPROSC has been conducting field research based on the status of turtles in the chure region of Nepal. The conservation in this region comes directly under the The Government of Nepal’s President Chure-Tarai Madhesh Conservation Program. In terms of biodiversity, 1,308 species out of the total 1,988 species of flora and fauna found in Nepal […]

Ecotourism Potential of Tinjure Milke Jaljale Area: A Rhododendron Capital of Nepal

A research based on Eco Tourism carried out in collaboration with Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC), GoldenGate International College (GGIC) and Environment Conservation and Training Center (ECTrain) was published in Journal of Tourism and Adventure in 2019. Three team members from ENPROSC  contributed to the research which focuses conservation and development outside protected areas. […]

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