Croaking Monsoon 2021 participants in field vist (Bhaktapur). Photography: Bishal Sharma
World Frog Day 2021 Celebration on 20th March 2021 in GoldenGate International College premises. Participants of the program (interns, provincial and district coordinators, photograph submitters) conducted in collaboration of ENPROSC, CARON, GGIC and WCN.
Photography: Pawan Rai
Crafts prepared by school students for art competition organized by ENPROSC as a part of environmental campaign.

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At a Glance

Globally, human population and resulting influences are growing at an unprecedented rate and so are the environmental problems. As a result of which, life support systems are believed to have advanced towards the critical threshold. However, much of the population remains either unaware of the issues or show reluctance in absence of sufficient evidence. This scenario has degraded the environmental quality and thus the quality of life. Understanding the complexity of environmental problems and stakeholders’ concern through multidisciplinary approaches are essential to maintain environmental quality. It is, thus a prime time to think and work on actions from local to global scales to secure sustainable living.

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Snakes in the frontiers- Happy ‘Naag Panchami’

Snakes are limbless vertebrates of order squamates, without limbs, in suborder Serpentes.These elongated ectotherms have enchanted human imaginations from folklore tales to modern science. Peoples’ respect to these animals due to spiritual, cultural and ecological roles are widely recognized from past to the present. However, most of these snakes are mistreated or intentionally killed due […]

Celebrating World Elephant Day 2023- A call to protect and preserve

Introduction Elephants are recognized as the most majestic yet loving creatures on the Earth. From religious to ecological point of view they have their own importance. In hindu mythology, elephants symbolizes power, wisdom and strength. Lord Ganesha, the god of wisdom and knowledge, has an elephant head and human body which represents his intelligence, power […]

Role of elephants in the ecosystem

The mighty Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), is a keystone species which is ecologically significant and helps in maintaining biodiversity. As, they provide critical ecosystem services that are crucial for the survival of other species in the ecosystem. Similarly, Elephants also has a significant cultural value in Hindu Mythology that symbolizes strength, spirituality and wisdom. These […]

Impacts of Earthquake and Earthquake-induced Disasters on Community Forests in Nepal

ENPROSC team members Mr. Prakash Chandra Aryal and Mr. Dipak Khadka published a research article in Journal of Environment Sciences. Journal of Environment Science is a Journal owned/ managed by government of Nepal, Department of Environment Science. This research lead by late Dr. Man Kumar Dhamala focuses on the impacts of disaster in community level […]

ENPROSC leaders participate in female leadership activity!

ENPROSC female futsal team participated in “Youth female leadership forum” Futsal Cup organized by YFLF and AYON (Association of Youth Organizations Nepal). ENPROSC was represented in the program with participation of a twelve member team. ENPROSC has been long advocating for female leadership. The team reached semifinal in the tournament before being knocked out. We […]

Kick for Conservation

Environment Protection and Study Centre (ENPROSC) organized a conservation program based on football theme named ‘Kick for conservation’ on 4th July 2023. The program organized 2023 batch of interns as a starter program for Croaking Monsoon 2023 was held at Royal Futsal Thapagaun. The friendly futsal matches organized as a fund raiser highlighted participation of […]

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