World Frog Day 2021 Celebration on 20th March 2021 in GoldenGate International College premises. Participants of the program (interns, provincial and district coordinators, photograph submitters) conducted in collaboration of ENPROSC, CARON, GGIC and WCN.
Photography: Pawan Rai

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Globally, human population and resulting influences are growing at an unprecedented rate and so are the environmental problems. As a result of which, life support systems are believed to have advanced towards the critical threshold. However, much of the population remains either unaware of the issues or show reluctance in absence of sufficient evidence. This scenario has degraded the environmental quality and thus the quality of life. Understanding the complexity of environmental problems and stakeholders’ concern through multidisciplinary approaches are essential to maintain environmental quality. It is, thus a prime time to think and work on actions from local to global scales to secure sustainable living.

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Croaking Monsoon 2021 Officially Launched

Marking the world Environment Day 2021 ENPROSC alongside collaborators Companions for Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (CARON), GoldenGate International College (GGIC) and Wildlife Conservation Nepal launched this year’s ‘Croaking Monsoon-2021’ Program. Overlooking the COVID-19 scenario this year’s program had to be launched digitally following structure set in 2020. The program marked  celebration of world environment […]

पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीको पुनरुत्थान (Ecosystem Restoration)

मानविय गतिविधि वा प्राकृतिक प्रकोप का कारणले केहि पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीहरुको गुणमा ह्रास आएको छ, केहि पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीहरु लोपन्मुख अवस्थामा पुगेका छन् भने बाँकि केहि पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीहरु विलुप्त भइसकेका छन् । यसरी प्राकृतिक स्वरुप भन्दा फरक अवस्थामा पुगेका पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीहरुलाई पुन: पुरानै स्वस्थ अवस्थामा फर्काउन मद्धत गर्नु र स्वस्थ पारिस्थितिक प्रणालीको संरक्षण  गर्नु नै पारिस्थितिक प्रणाली […]

ENPROSC’s Turtle Symposium Covered in National Media

Read an article from Mr. Gobinda Pokharel on the status of turtles from throughout Nepal. The article covers ENPROSC’s efforts in turtle conservation in Nepal along side the coverage of Second National Turtle symposium organized marking World Turtle Day 2021. Read more of the article by Mr. Gobinda where he discusses views from ENPROSC’s members […]

Nepal Turtle Symposium (II)/ World Turtle Day 2021

Environment Protection and Study Center in collaboration with GoldenGate International College organized second national turtle symposium entitled “Nepal Turtle Symposium (II): Coalition for Turtles ~ Research, Education and Conservation”. The event was conducted marking World Turtle Day on 23rd May 2021.  The symposium was completed with participation from governmental body, national, transnational organizations and speakers […]

Croaking Monsoon 2021 Begins

Read an article from ENPROSC’s member Mr. Chandramani Aryal on the start of Croaking Monsoon 2021 program. The article was published in online news portal Nature News ( on May 17, 2021. The article highlights how the initial survey on frogs was launched and how it has reached the current stage covering most parts of […]

Call for Blogs

Blogging and creating a digital platform to share individual ideas via words on current environmental and social issues is an event brought to ENPROSC by its young team of Interns (Batch: 2021). This platform provides opportunities to all enthusiasts from different backgrounds to share their ideas to a wide outreach through a common platform managed […]

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