Croaking Monsoon 2021 participants in field vist (Bhaktapur). Photography: Bishal Sharma
World Frog Day 2021 Celebration on 20th March 2021 in GoldenGate International College premises. Participants of the program (interns, provincial and district coordinators, photograph submitters) conducted in collaboration of ENPROSC, CARON, GGIC and WCN.
Photography: Pawan Rai
Crafts prepared by school students for art competition organized by ENPROSC as a part of environmental campaign.

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At a Glance

Globally, human population and resulting influences are growing at an unprecedented rate and so are the environmental problems. As a result of which, life support systems are believed to have advanced towards the critical threshold. However, much of the population remains either unaware of the issues or show reluctance in absence of sufficient evidence. This scenario has degraded the environmental quality and thus the quality of life. Understanding the complexity of environmental problems and stakeholders’ concern through multidisciplinary approaches are essential to maintain environmental quality. It is, thus a prime time to think and work on actions from local to global scales to secure sustainable living.

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Indispensable Dream

I am a medical student working as a trainee. My dreams are becoming weird since last week. Plastic speaks, dustbin speaks, the industry and vehicle speak. Don’t be confused. It’s just a childish dream. Not only a dream but a dream with a greater reflection of our life on this beautiful earth. I went to […]

Eco-Friendly Gift Hampers

ENPROSC has been handing out ecofriendly gift hampers for winners of monthly blog competition. The gift pack that includes various nature friendly products to replace your normal day to day use products to reduce the impact on the planet. All the products in the gift hamper package are designed for sustainability and have been grown, […]

Croaking Monsoon 2021, Field Survey

On October 2, 2021, Interns, district representatives, province representatives, students and collaborators for Croaking Monsoon 2021 conducted field surveys in different groups around Kathmandu Valley. More than 30 participants conducted 8 hours long field survey split into smaller groups of 4-5 individuals in Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. The field visit that had been delayed […]

Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Change

Indigenous knowledge refers to the understandings, knowledge, and philosophies developed by societies through the generation of living. Indigenous knowledge can help meet the goal of societies by developing sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security for local communities. It also acts as an important catalyst to sustainable development as it is directly related to resource management. […]

Croaking Monsoon 2021 Event: Environmental Communication

An event was organized online from the organizers of Croaking Monsoon 2021 as a part of the program on September 3 2021 focusing Environmental Communication. Understanding the importance of biological diversity, air , water and different issues of common interest, the program targeted outreach and incorporation of these issues into the daily lives of us […]

Forest structure and anthropogenic disturbances regulate plant invasion in urban forests

This scientific article is a result of the research on urban environment focusing Kathmandu Valley led and conducted by Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC)’s team member Mr. Prakash Chandra Aryal. The research boasts of fair share of contributions from second ENPROSC’s member, Mr. Chandramani Aryal as well. It was published in the Journal ‘Urban […]

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