Achievement and Expertise

ENPROSC has a core staff of professionals with academic as well as practical experience in the field of environmental planning and management, water resources development, ecology, fisheries, community forestry, community development, environmental engineering, urban planning. socio-economics, acquisition compensation resettlement and rehabilitation program (ACRP). The center is free to use international as well as other national expertise.

Some of the major programmes ENPROSC has conducted are as follows:

Various Environmental Awareness Campaigns

Various awareness campaigns have been launched in many rural areas of Nepal. These programmes involve the publication and dissemination of written material containing simple and easy to understand environmental information and responsibilities.

Environmental Monitoring Programme

A programme was launched in collaboration with other institutions in Kathmandu for monitoring nose pollytion in various areas within Kathmandu.

Greening Programmes in Urban Areas

Participatory greening projects have been conducted in several local communities. These programmes consisted of cleaning up their neighborhood and planting various species of trees.

Environmental Policy Advisement

Periodic environmental advisement has been provided to various institutions such as the Ministry of Population and Environment (now Ministry of Forests and Environment), Ministry of Local Development, Nepal Electricity Authority etc. ENPROSC professionals were actively involded during the development of the environmental legislation as well.

ENPROSC has attended the various Interaction Meetings organized by donor agencies such as the World  Bank, Country office, Kathmandu and has actively participated in the discussions.

ENPROSC has participated in the Interaction meetings of different Hydro-power Projects such as Kali Gandaki “A”, Medium Hydro-power Study Project etc.

ENPROSC has actively participanted in Environment Day activities conducted every year.

Major Project Implemented

ENPROSC recently completed a major project, viz “Decentralization of Environmental Management at the District Level Project”. This project was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency through the Canadian Cooperation Office and implemented in Palpa District, Western Nepal. Training was provided to the district level and village level officials and decision makes in consultation with the ministry of Population and Environment and the Ministry of Local Development. As a result a District Environmental Conservation Committee has been formed in Palpa district at the initiation of ENPROSC. The project also prepared the outline of strategic district environmental management plan for the district through a workshop involving key stakeholders. This project has been evaluated by the Canadian (CLIFE) evaluation team and has been appreciated as a successful pioneeringventure.

ENPROSC has received several requests to extend such programme in other districts of the country.

Understanding the importance of conservation and science in the sector of environment conservation and sustainable development in the recent years, ENPROSC has been actively involved in increasing academic links. Some of these recent achievements include MOU with different academic institutions to reach out to the young people in the nation with the main aim of development through scientific and ethical research.