Call for Blogs

Blogging and creating a digital platform to share individual ideas via words on current environmental and social issues is an event brought to ENPROSC by its young team of Interns (Batch: 2021). This platform provides opportunities to all enthusiasts from different backgrounds to share their ideas to a wide outreach through a common platform managed by ENPROSC. Blogs will be called upon every month where specific themes will be provided to writers. Interested participants will be able to submit their blogs via email to ‘‘ by given deadline. Only one blog from the submitted entries by writers (on the given theme) will be selected, published and awarded each month. The monthly award for the winner thus selected include a certificate and ecofriendly gift hampers. The winning blogs will be published in ENPROSC’s website in the form of series and episodes which will be freely accessible to all readers online. A meeting will also be organized upon completion of  a series where winners from different episodes will be invited to share their ideas in a live interaction  with readers, fellow writers along with a wider mass. We encourage enthusiasts to submit their writings.

Please find this month’s theme and deadline for the competition below:


Please Note:

  • Send your entries in sent in ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format along with the details of the writer (Name, Age, Address, Phone no., and Institution)
  • Only one single author for a blog entry submitted within the given deadline in the provided theme will be awarded each month.
  • Late submissions, plagiarized entries and entries previously published in different media(s) will not be entertained and will be disqualified immediately.
  • Participation is limited to one entry by a single author for a single episode (one entry per writer per month).
  • Individuals who had previously submitted their blogs (even former winners) can submit their new entries (different from the one already submitted) for differently themed episodes and will be eligible for competition.
  • The selected blogs will be published in the first week of the following month from when the blogs were called.
  • The winners will be notified through email and will be awarded in person in ENPROSC’s office in Kathmandu (Please contact below for special cases and exemptions to be made for awards).
  • All winning blogs shall have joint copyright of the authors and ENPROSC and will be subject to publication in other media with joint acknowledgement of the author and ENPROSC in the media to be published. ENPROSC claims no rights over the non winning entries.
  • Please direct your questions and queries regarding the event to ‘’ or contact us at +977.1.4564997 or the resource person provided in the flyer above.