Croaking Monsoon 2021 Event

Croaking monsoon 2021, organized an online event focusing photography of frogs in Nepal on 24th July 2021. The key speaker for the program Mr. Om Yadav provided details on various aspects of the photography. The program  delivered by Mr. Om Yadav was attended by more than 80 participants. Mr.  Yadav highlighted the often neglected aspects of beginner photography of wildlife including the gears required, timings and various others. The program had also targeted to deliver a session on ‘Introductory Taxonomy of Frogs of Nepal’ by Mr. Santosh Bhattarai which was undeliverable due to unforeseen circumstances.  The postponed session will be delivered on a scheduled date with prior information provided to all the participants and enthusiasts. Please find the link to video record of the photography session organized below.

Click here to redirect to the session.