Read a research from Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC)’s team member Mr. Dipak Khadka,  published in the Journal ‘GoldenGate Journal of Science & Technology’ a journal published by GoldenGate International College in November 2018.  Read an abstract below or click on the provided link to redirect to the main article.

Ecosystem Services are the services provided by the ecological systems that either directly or indirectly benefit the human beings. The services delivered by an ecosystem such as food, fiber, fresh water, genetic resources kind as their products are referred as provisioning services. This research is exploration of the community status and community use of such provisioning ecosystem services by the user group of Birsingey Community Forest of Bhaktapur, Nepal. Random sampling was done by using questionnaire in 97 community households. The information about the household’s socioeconomic status and the resource services being utilized by them were analyzed to know the relation among them. The household status of the user group plays an important part in resource usage. Forest condition is highly dependent on community using it and the way they are being utilized. The people of Birsingey CFUG are provided by fodder and firewood on a systematic basis. The provisioning services utilized were firewood (90.72 % responses) and fodder (95.87 % responses). Firewood collection is done twice a year while fodder collection for two months in a year. And they are aware of the responsibility of the community people for conservation of the forest. Among the 97 household questionnaires, 88% of respondents were willing to pay for the conservation of the forest if required. All these factors combined are making the community forest healthy. This study provides useful information on local community status and utilization of resource, plus their perception towards Birsingey Community Forest.

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