Yes, ENPROSC is a non governmental and non profit organization.
Yes, there are multiple opportunities to be a part of ENPROSC's Team. You can be a member, participate as an intern or volunteer for the organization.
Memberships can be taken up by any individual completing the requirements by paying a nominal fee at ENPROSC's office. However being a part of our organization as an intern or volunteer will not require any fee.
Internships are called upon each year and are awarded to competitive enthusiasts. However Volunteering opportunities are available throughout the year for different programs and projects. Keep checking the Opportunities tab to get more information on how you can get involved as opportunities open up time and again.
Interns and Volunteers are not paid a dedicated stipend for their service. However, allowances are provided based on requirement in different projects. These allowances include travel and food allowance but are mostly project based.
We are a group of diverse individuals working in and for the environmental sector. Being related to us provides you with opportunities to network with the wider environmental conservation society.
We welcome ideas of environmental conservation from everyone. We always welcome opportunities of collaboration for the environment with all stakes of the society be it national or international.

Croaking Monsoon

Croaking Monsoon is focused on the study of frogs and their habitats with the use of citizen science approach. It aims on raising awareness and collecting scientific information for conservation of frogs. At present the program has focused on only frog species from throughout Nepal.
Yes, Croaking monsoon is a yearly program which begins with Indian Monsoon each year. However the program has been evolving over the years with different approaches each year.
As the program is based in citizen science approach, all stakes of the society can participate in the program. We have had students, farmers, researchers, conservation stake holders and institutional participation in the program in the past. Every one is welcome to participate in the program.
YES! As the program is a multi year approach, all past participants are eligible to participate. We encourage involvement especially from our past participants whether you participated as a volunteer, representative, collaborator or a organizer, everyone is welcome again.
To participate in Croaking Monsoon Program you would have to click photographs of frogs and their habitats and use KOBO collect application available in Google's Play store.
Detail information on the process of sending the photographs has been discussed and elaborated in the video with the link below. Click here to redirect to the instructional video OR Find details at Photographic Instructions
Croaking Monsoon team will select the representatives based on their contributions in the program.
The form to participate as representatives are available for only a short period of time every year. For the year 2021 the forms will be open only until 27th June 17:00 (Nepal Standard Time). All forms with accompanied with photographs will be considered until the deadline. Enthusiasts can however send more photographs to increase their stakes for the post of representative (only photos will be accepted later not forms).
There is no limit to the number of photographs a participant can send us. However, we do not encourage participants to resend previously sent photographs (including submissions from past years). We also strongly discourage submission of unoriginal photographs such as those downloaded from the internet or clipped from past reports, magazines, blogs or other forms of publications.
Yes, Participants have been awarded with certificate of participation every year. In addition to certificates special rewards such as USB drives have been awarded in different years to best photographic submission. Exceptional participants have also been provided with opportunities to work as collaborators in different years where they work with the core team.