Interraction programs held in all 7 provinces of Nepal

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, virtual programs have been conducted to interact with participants and citizen scientists for Croaking monsoon 2020. Interactions have been completed in all the seven provinces of Nepal with participation of more than 500 participants. The programs were coordinated by the newly appointed Provicial and District Coordinators and facilitated by regional academic institutions such as ‘Mid Western University’, Bal Kumari College, Institute of Foresty Pokhara, PN Campus, Gorkha Campus, Mechi Multiple Campus, Far Western University and Saptagangaki Multiple Campus. With the Indian Monsoon yet to decent from Nepalese territory, the organizers of the program target on completing similar training related to taxonomy in the near future. The province and district coordinators appointed for the program plan on conducting modeled interactions in District level as well using virtual platforms.