Nepal Turtle Symposium (II): Call for Manuscripts

Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC) is pleased to launch the call for manuscripts for the 2nd  national turtle symposium to be organized marking World Turtle Day on 23rd May 2021 entitled

‘Nepal Turtle Symposium (II): Coalition for Turtles – Research, Education and Conservation’  

With the success of virtual symposium launched in 2020, ENPROSC is organizing a national symposium aiming to build coalition between different stakeholders including private sector, researchers, civil society (including the media), NGOs, and government to bring attention to, increase knowledge of and respect for conservation of turtles. This World Turtle Day, ENPROSC will be sharing research works and knowledge on turtles in the symposium and requests for interested participants to submit their manuscripts/abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Interested participants wishing to present in the conference are requested to send in abstract and manuscript of their research work on turtles (Turtles and Tortoises) in the given format via email to or not exceeding the deadlines given below.

Dates (Due dates) Activities
24-Apr-21 Deadline for Abstract Submission (Abstract File)
2-May-21 Decision on received Submission
15-May-21 Submission of Revised Abstract, Presentation/Poster and Full Manuscript
23-May-21 Presentation both Oral and Poster (Main event World Turtle Day

Please note that full manuscripts (no limit to length) which will be published later as proceedings are mandatory for participation as presenter; however,  decisions on selection of the submissions and presenters will be initially based on the ‘Abstract File’ submitted. Refer to guideline to know the limitations of abstract or manuscript submission and the different sections.

Guidelines for participation in symposium (for presenters):

Abstract File:

  • Title- clear and concise
  • Author(s) full name (Given name Surname),(refer to corresponding author with * after name)
  • Author(s) affiliation(s), (use superscript to refer affiliations above author’s name)
  • Corresponding author’s email
  • Main text  (Main Abstract): 250 Words
  • Key words: 3- 5
  • The file should be named as ‘Abstract: Corresponding Author’s name’ and sent in ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format

Presentation slides/ Poster:

  • 10-15 slides (10 minute presentation)
  • Send file in .pptx format
  • For poster presenters: A0 size poster
  • Poster design/print is to be managed by the presenters (once finalized please send a copy of the poster in ‘.pdf’ format via email)

Full Manuscript


  • Title
  • Author(s) full name (Given name & Surname),(refer to corresponding author with * after surname)
  • Author(s) affiliation(s), (use superscript to refer affiliations after author’s surname)
  • Corresponding author’s email
  • Abstract: 250 words
  • Key words: 3-5
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion (optional)
  • References
  • Author’s contributions
  • Acknowledgments (optional)


  • Manuscript should be named ‘Manuscript: Corresponding Author’s Name’ and sent in ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format
  • The manuscript text should be in Font: Times new roman @ size 12, alignment:left, line spacing: multiple @ 1.5, space between paragraphs: 0 pt
  • All in-text citations and references must be made following APA 7th Edition
  • All tables should be labelled above the table with references to roman numerals Eg: Table 1,  Table 2,…
  • All figures and graphical presentations should be labelled below the entity with references to roman numerals Eg. Figure 1,  Figure 2,…
  • All photographs must be labelled below the photographs with reference to roman numerals Eg; Photograph 1, Photograph 2, …
  • All figures, graphical presentations and photographs should be attached as separate attachments in the same email
  • Figures, graphical presentations and photographs should be in the formats of ‘.jpeg’, ‘.tif ‘or .png’ and should have a minimum resolution of 300 Dots per Inch (DPI)
  • Conclusion and Acknowledgement sections are optional, all other headings in the structure are mandatory in the manuscript
  • The four sections in this manuscript structure section refers to Title, Author(s) full name, affiliation(s), email
    Abstract and Key words which is submitted as the Only abstract file thus, these sections need not be constructed differently for the manuscript.

Research or presentation not the way for you to show your concern for turtles? Don’t worry! We have different forms of participation and involvement opportunities just for you! We are looking  for enthusiastic volunteers and sponsors for the program. Do give us a ring or drop in an email if you feel like contributing or partnering in this program to help turtles and tortoises survive and thrive!!