The overall objective of the ENPROSC is to contribute towards improving the quality of Nepalese citizens’ life primarily through its activities directed at addressing multiple aspects of environment and development. Water resources, natural resources utilization, community forestry and sociocultural aspects of national development will be the primary sectors of its interest and expertise. the center’s  approach would be research education, training, awareness campaigns and policy recommendations (to mitigate negative environmental impacts of development plan/ projects ) for environmental protection and sustainable development without degrading the environment.

Guided by the above major thrust, the ENPROSC’s specific objectives are to:

  1. Conduct studies for socioeconomic and environmental aspects of water resources, traport and industrial projects in general including community forestry and roads: population , poverty, archaeological and cultural resources of development projects in particular.
  2. On the area of health and sanitation, forest conservation and watershed management – public awareness campaign with special emphasis on environmentally sustainable development.
  3. Organize seminars and workshops on “Development and Environment” for policy and decision makers.
  4. To provide consultation to developers and proponents about environmental impacts arising from development activities.
  5. Develop itself as a focal point for environmental research in various aspects of environment.
  6. To establish and environmental documentation and study center.