Present Team

The seven member Board of Trustees is the apex body to govern the center. Together with the advice of its core qualified experts, the board decides upon the mode of management of various research and other programs that the center undertakes. The center can undertake programs/projects in collaboration or as a partner with the government, local as well as International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs).

Executive Board

Prakash Chandra Aryal

An expert on Herpetofauna of Nepal, Prakash is one of the longest serving members of the organization. He is a valued asset to ENPROSC team and is your go-to source for any question you might have.

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Shashanka Sharma

With experiences from Small Mammal Conservation and Research Foundation, Himalayan Nature  and ZSL Nepal,  Shashanka specializes in overseeing the development of projects, donor reports, and other publications. As a development specialist he engaged stakeholders while contributing for Terai Arc Landscape.

Manju Shree Thakur

An  enthusiastic learner Manju Shree believes in smart work and confidence. She is currently working as an academic facilitator at GoldenGate International College. Manju first joined the ENPROSC team as an intern and has proved her  excelling leadership skills .

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Narayan Niraula

Associated with ENPROSC since 2015, Narayan brings his years of experience from community and academic engagements. Currently working at Rural Self Reliance Development Centre he brings a touch of elegance to the organization's activity.  

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Nechar Lama

Responsible for all behind the curtain works at ENPROSC, Nechar brings his experience from capacity building and WASH at community level. Formerly associated with ECCA Nepal, Nechar is the latest addition to the team.

Saroj Chaudhary

An ardent supporter of environmental issues, Saroj's interest is captivated and tucked around ornithology. He conveys nature through photography and is one of the best nature photographers you will ever come across.

Environment Protection and Study Center has been running internship program since 2017. The program has been continued with participation from dedicated young environment conservation pursuits.   The internship program which was initially introduced as a temporary program has been established as a non-compensatory body of ENPROSC. Every year ENPROSC invites a new batch of interns, providing the enthusiasts a ground to learn the executive methods, operational techniques and workspace. Each intern is individually guided by ENPROSC’s members. Every new batch of Interns continue the programs launched by their predecessors and organize a unique program of their own each year. Many of the programs launched by the interns in this platform has found its way to the organization’s regular activities. While ENPROSC aims on polishing the enthusiasts’ talents via this platform, some past pursuant have customized their way to executive body of the organization through the program.

Interns (2023)

Srijana Chhetri

An energetic, enthusiastic and hard working person, fully capable of managing multiple responsibilities at once, Srijana is currently studying at Central Department of Environmental Sciences, Tribhuvan University. 

Dilip Khanal

Passionate about protecting the planet, Dilip advocates for sustainable practices. Currently pursuing his Masters degree in Environmental Science, he is filled with creative ideas and concepts for nature conservation.


One of the main pillars that has kept ENPROSC and its activities up and running for more than two decades now is the efforts from our Volunteers.  We take pride in having volunteers whose selfless efforts have built up the organization and have brought us where we stand today. Our team of volunteers is formed from individuals from various backgrounds with a common interest of environment.



Sandesh Neupane

Personable and detail-oriented, Sandesh is a GIS expert and is currently working on relating people, policy and conservation. He connects with donors, manages contributions in the organization and is a crucial addition to our ever growing team!

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Bishal Sharma

Specializing in research of illegal trade of small mammals and legal affairs, Bishal's 'Yes can do!" attitude play a crucial role in the functions of ENPROSC. He is responsible to connect the organization with stakeholders from different aspects of the society. 

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Arjoo Khadka Neupane

Arjoo is an environmental assessment expert and specializes in disaster risk reduction. With her keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work she is committed to changing the world.   

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Chandramani Aryal

Chandramani specializes in conservation biology and gets the society going with his articles based on happening issues.  He has helped the organization reach new heights via his out of the box thinking. 

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Dipak Khadka

Research oriented and very academic Dipak specializes in forest ecology. He is currently a Ph.D scholar at South China Agricultural University and an inspiration to many young environmental enthusiasts from around the nation.  

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Pramananda Rajbanshi

Pramananda first joined ENPROSC's team as a student partner and is now working on community based  capacity building programs. He is now an essential part of our team and is responsible for all field based activities.

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Sabita Aryal

Sabita has been enthusiastically working in the field of climate change and its relationship with agricultural productivity since 2019. With impeccable program management, timing and proceedings, she has been known to bring energetic vibe on the stage in different programs for ENPROSC. 

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Avinash Aryal

Inspired by the aesthetics to work and promote a healthy environment, Avinash has been working in butterfly research. Good with graphics designing, he is credited for graphics and logos in most of our activities.

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Sudikshya Dhakal

An emerging researcher who aims to work as an Urban Ecologist and contribute to Urban Ecological Planning, Sudikshya's current focus of work has been green spaces in Kathmandu. She has made her mark in ENPROSC as the most humble and spiritual person with exceeding professionalism.  

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Pritam Maharjan

Pritam is an honest and energetic youth contributing in the conservation of floral diversity of Himalayan region of Nepal through his research and volunteering. He is known to bring class and style to what he does and where he goes.

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Maniraj Jimba Tamang

Maniraj believes education has a power to save the environment. He has been working in educational sector to improve understanding of environment from the grassroots, amongst rural children and is known for his extraordinary comic timing.

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Gobinda Pokharel

Working for one of the largest media conglomerate in Nepal, Gobinda's work revolves mostly around environmental social issues. Aiming to establish a career in environmental and scientific journalism, he has researched and communicated in wide array of environmental issues from species to landscape ecology.  

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Pawan Rai

Young and passionate about conservation and the environment, Pawan is  is well known in his circle for bringing out the best in any project through his creativity.

Prakriti Rajbhandari

Prakriti is enthusiastic and compassionate about environment. Soft spoken and reserved, she is  is known for blending into the toughest of environments.
Rona Vaidya

Into story telling and reading whether it is magic systems, fantastical creatures or just a basic good vs evil, Rona is always looking for a happy ending. She is our team's go to person for plant and garden advice.