Stakeholders’ Contribution Important in Otter Conservation

Read an article from our member Mr. Chandramani Aryal which was published in Nepalese news media “Kathmandu Express” on 2nd June 2020 about Otter conservation in Nepal. The article discusses different species of otters reported and found in Nepal along with their current status. The article also highlights the importance of otters in environment and their role as environmental indicators. Otter conservation challenges seen in Nepalese context which can be related to human activities such as over exploitation of resources from rivers, river training works, construction of roads alongside rives, commercial fish farming in standing water bodies, poaching/trade and superficial implementation of otter conservation plans and polices have been well discussed in the article. It also focuses on the importance of academic research in the field of otter conservation and the need towards change of current academic direction which are mostly limited to social approaches.

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