World Frog Day 2021

Environment Protection and Study Center (ENPROSC) in collaboration with Companions for Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (CARON), GoldenGate International College (GGIC) and Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) celebrated World Frog Day 2021 on 20th March 2021. The program was successfully conducted with limited invited participation of stakeholders from different conservation sectors in Nepal such as Himalayan Nature and Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation. The program highlighted official closing and report dissemination of ENPROSC’s signature program ‘Croaking Monsoon’ for the years 2019 and 2020 (Croaking monsoon 2019 had not been previously concluded due to COVID-19 posed pandemic and lock down in Nepal).

Certificate distribution program

Individuals and contributors involved in ‘Croaking Monsoon’ for the years 2019 and 2020 participated in the program.  All field interns, trainees and participants of the program for  both the consecutive years shared their experience regarding the program and were awarded with certificates for their contribution. Provincial coordinators for Croaking Monsoon 2020 and best three photo contributors for croaking Monsoon 2019 were awarded with USB drives. ENPROSC’s highlighted the importance of frogs and Ideas for upcoming events and projects were also discussed in the program.


Photographs awarded as best submission for Croaking Monsoon 2019, submitted (L to R) by Dipa Rai, Manoj Pokharel and Dipa Thapa.

Read a detailed coverage of the program from nation news media ‘Kantipur’ which includes importance of frogs and experiences from some of the participants in Croaking Monsoon Program as well. Click on the link below which redirects to the news coverage.

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